Rotating node issue

From the piping example (GoWpfDemo), we changed the following properties on Valve node:

  • go:Node.ToSpot=“LeftSide”
  • go:Node.FromSpot=“RightSide”
    We made the change because we don’t want all our link are pointed to the same point.
    When, we rotated the valve B from 90 degree, the link doesn’t connect to the new ToSpot which supposed to be on the top.
    We attached below an interactive image of the modified piping example.


I’m not sure that it’s simple to declaratively get the behavior that you want. Basically the problem is that “…Sides” routing doesn’t play well with RotationAngle.

I haven’t tried this, but I’m wondering if it would work to bind the go:Node.FromSpot and go:Node.ToSpot to be a “…Side” value that depends on the RotationAngle. Alternatively and more generally, you could override Route.GetLinkDirection and Route.GetLinkPoint to compute what you want.

We have a mixer node and we can connect multiple links to one side (left).We need to divide links on the left side and rotate the node. This is why we set the ToSpot to LeftSide. How can we do it easily?
We already tried to bind rotationAngle to FromSpot and ToSpot of the node but it’s doesn’t work.

It’s a holiday weekend now, starting yesterday, so I might not get to investigating this issue until next week.

No problem ,I understand. Happy thanksgiving.