Runtime licensing for a dll

Hope someone can answer the following question:
We have 1 developer license for Go .Net. Some parts of our app use the go .net code, some don’t. I have seperated all the Go .Net into a seperate DLL project so other developers can work on the other parts of the app w/o needing a go .Net license. The problem: is there a way that I can link the runtime license info into the DLL so other developers can build the app w/o needing the .Net developer license? It seems that only I can do the final build and not have a license error on the distributable binary because the license info is linked into the main .exe, even though all the go .net code is in the DLL now. Is there a way to link the licx resource to the DLL instead?


Alas, that is a “feature” of the .NET licensing architecture. It is in fact an intentional feature, according to the responsible Microsoft engineers, although it wasn’t documented.
The natural thing to do is have the developers use solutions where the main .EXE project isn’t compiled, but just uses an .EXE that was compiled on the official build machine.

Hi, this was posted in 2003. any update from this posts?
We need to to use GoDiagram in a “plug-in” dll application, mean we dont have any chance to deploy our product?
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Send us e-mail, and we’ll send you instructions for how to do this.

I’m also interested in how to put the godiagram usage inside of a DLL that other developers in our project can use!

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I have the same problem in configuring GoDiagram license in DLL. Is there anyone know how to do it?