Sample for dragDrop

Does anyone has a sample on how to drag&drop a simple JButton (in a JPanel) to a JGoView? I’d like to be able to catch the drop event and extract some custom information from the event to create a specific JGoNode…
Thnak you for your help in advance,

I found a way to do it, thanks anyway.

One example of the technique is in the Demo1 example, where you can drag-and-drop from either a JGoPalette or from a JList.
Look in the override of JGoView.drop.

It works in the Demo1 example, but not for applets. There’s no initializeDragDropHandling method for a JList, or it’s enclosing container, does anyone know how I’d get this working in an applet?

Odd – another question about drag-and-drop in applets? If so, perhaps the following topic would be useful: