Save Diagram image


I would like to save Diagram image in Clipboard… Image was saved, but with a black background, why?? Is there a way to save as diagram, with white background ? Thanks!

 Rect b = myDiagram.Panel.DiagramBounds;
      double w = b.Width;
      double h = b.Height;
      double s = 1.0;
      if (w > 2000) s = 2000/w;
      if (h > 2000) s = Math.Min(s, 2000/h);
      w *= s;
      h *= s;
      BitmapSource bmp = myDiagram.Panel.MakeBitmap(new Size(w, h), 96, new Point(b.X, b.Y), s);

You probably haven’t set any Background at all, so the bitmap is actually mostly transparent, which defaulted to Black.

Thank you! Perfect!