Saving Node Identity and Link in Database

Hi to all

I facing a problem these are:-
1) we deginging a application like a ProtoApp. i have to pane left and right. In left pane there are many many shape. i drag and drop many shape on right pane. That time i want to store that shape id in a varible at that time.
2) After drag and drop we link or relink one shape to other . when all operation completed I want to store all chid and parent shape id in the database on click on a save button.
I use in left pane a gopattlle and right pane i use GraphView object.
Please suggest me which event i use to solve this problem. if there is a demo , you have,Please provide me.
It is very urgent.
Thanks in Advance.
  1. You can implement a GoView.ExternalObjectsDropped event handler. At that time the GoView.Selection holds all of the (copied) nodes that were added to the view’s document. If GoDocument.MaintainsPartID is true, each of those new nodes will have a unique PartID.
2) ProtoApp's GraphDoc already includes a persistence mechanism using custom XML that is appropriate for the ProtoApp's purposes. You can modify and extend that code for your own purposes.
Or you can look at the code in DataSetDemo if you want to deal more directly with ADO.NET. The code used for XML persistence in GraphDoc will give you an idea of what properties/columns you might want to include in your database schema.

Thanks Walter for quick reply.