Saving the changes in gojs diagrams and property

hi, i want to save all the changes in my diagram, i use html5 storage for saving the position and scale and name of objects so when i close the file and after 2-3 days open it, all the changes are at the correct place.

i use the GoJS inspector panel for set multiple properties such as background color or linkable or shadow property and i want to save these properties also, the default value “accept” is setting the changes but after refreshing it doesn’t save.

i want to save many property for each obj and then restore it with their id.

if you want i can write my code to understand better.


Each property that the user might change should have a TwoWay Binding to a property on the model node data object.

I highly recommend limiting the properties that the user can change in the Inspector to those that have TwoWay Bindings.