Saving view layout

I wanted to give the user the option to save the layout they have
chosen i.e. the view including location of the nodes and links that way
when they open the view up the next time the layout will have been
maintained. I was wondering if simply saving the JGoView object as a
blob and then bringing it up when it is needed. Is this the best

Probably not, since you’d be saving all kinds of stuff that you and they don’t care about. And more importantly, the format for all that stuff would be incompatible if there were any binary changes to your (or our) classes.
It’s better to just save the information you really want to keep. The example applications do that, to XML. (Well, Demo1 does serialize the JGoDocument, but that’s just an expediency, not intended to save anything beyond the session.)
There’s some discussion of these issues in the User Guide. We recommend writing/reading your own custom XML schema, but you can use the SVG package as one way of saving all of a JGoDocument and its JGoObjects. We don’t do anything to help save a JGoView, which is a component/control.

where would i find the com.nwoods.jgo.svg package? I dont see it in the JGo.jar


Im trying to get the Flower example to run however the
class is missing code i.e. all the menuitems, menu and toolbar are
never instantiated

??? that’s odd–are you using an IDE that lost all of those definitions?