Scale Objects

Hello. I have a form with some objects. The goView has dock = fill. I have a function that scale the form with MouseWheel. I wish that my objects are also scaled automatically. What function
can I use?

Thats my code:

public Form1(){


        this.MouseWheel += new MouseEventHandler(Form1_MouseWheel);

    void Form1_MouseWheel(object sender, MouseEventArgs e){
        SizeF a = new SizeF();
        if (e.Delta>=0)
            a.Width = a.Height = 2f;
            a.Width = a.Height = 0.5f;

And looks like this:

Thank you.

P.D. Sorry for my English Embarrassed

You can set GoView.DocScale to change the scale of the objects in the view.

Oh. Thanks. Now, i want to know, Is any way to scale the form, the goview and objects with the same instruction?


No, the DocScale in the GoView is independent of what’s going on outside the view. If you want the objects inside the GoView to grow as the Form around it is made bigger, you’ll have to handle the Resize event and set DocScale.