Scrollable GoMultiTextNode

I was wondering if it is possible to create a scrollable GoMultiTextNode? I have created an ETL tool and one of the requests that I am getting from my client is to be able to have the GoMultiTextNodes scrollable but so that they don’t take so much space on the screen.

I believe that’s possible, but it would require some work.
Basically the idea is to have a notion of the first visible item, make sure all the items before that are not Visible or Printable and are positioned up at the top of the list, and that items beyond the desired height are also made not Visible and not Printable.
And you would add a couple of little GoButtons that would increment or decrement that FirstVisibleIndex property, and that would be disabled appropriately or removed entirely if not needed.
That’s something we have done for JGo, but still haven’t done for GoDiagram. Some day…
I’ll just mention a couple of inferior alternatives, just in case they might work for you: leaving the first and last items where they are but clipping the painting to a desired region, and just removing those first and last items from the GoListGroup/GoMultiTextNode. Both have problems with links that want to connect to invisible items/ports: in the former case the links would connect far away from the body (apparent size) of the node; in the latter case there wouldn’t be any ports for the links to connect to, so there couldn’t be any real links to those items.