Scrollable region inside a view

How can I embed a scrollable ( regular scrolling like

an IForm, Div scrolling etc , Not the View’s Scrolling )

region inside a View ( I can live with a region to be

either another view or a HTML control )

That is

Is there a way to do a Scrollable regions inside a View.

You can use GoControls to host System.Windows.Forms.Controls in a GoView. But note that Controls in a GoView don’t layer, scale, or print as well as regular GoObjects. And you’ll need to worry about initialization, persistence, and focus issues.
Or you could implement your own scrollbar (or parts of a scrollbar) using GoShapes inside a GoGroup that implemented IGoActionObject.

But that is all for WinForms right.

How about Web

Oops, sorry, I should have guessed that you were talking about GoWeb.
I suppose if you want to depend on absolute positioning, you can put whatever HTML controls you want in front of the IMG that GoView renders.