Scrolling of backgroundimage

Greetings Northwoods: New to both GoDiagram Windows and, unfortunately, the dotNet environment too, I am exploring with your IconicApp.vbproj sample and I have immediately encountered a critical situation I have yet to fathom. This issue concerns scrolling the background image. My intended application requires the display of a floor plan background image with various user defined nodes placed on it. The scrollbars appear to be only node aware, but are not synchronized with the background image. The only way to display more of the initial background image is to increase the form size. If a node is placed on the background image and the form size is reduced, the scrollbars allow the image to scroll back only to that node, not to the opposite side of the image. I suppose I could programmatically place a iconless node at the background image bottom right, but I would hope there would be a more simple solution. Can you offer any suggestions? Thanks, Doug


Perhaps you need to set the initial GoDocument.Size to be the size of your GoView.BackgroundImage (or perhaps a little larger, in which case you may want to set GoDocument.TopLeft too).
myView.Document.Size = new SizeF(myView.BackgroundImage.Width, myView.BackgroundImage.Height)

Hi Walter: Thanks for your suggestion. Your simple solution, of course, worked just as I had hoped. I had tried a similar, but not quite right approach. I had tried setting myView.Document.Size = myView.Backgroundimage.Size instead of defining a new type SizeF() object and assigning that object to the document size. This shows my VB.Net neotype status, and I expect that will be a recurring problem. Thanks again, Doug