Select Primary but Move More Objects

I need some more advice. I am trying to do the following:

1)when i select a node it must work as normal with select.
2)in code i got the id's of the nodes associated with the selected node.
3)the moment i move the primary selected node all the associated nodes must be selected and must move with the selected node.
4) the moment i drop the primary selected node I must unselect the associated nodes.
please advice

Look at the TreeApp sample, it has an example of exactly what you are trying to do.

is it valid to have more than one replace tool?

Me.DefaultTool = New DesSoft.DGM.GView.DGMFocussingTool(Me) Me.ReplaceMouseTool(GetType(GoToolManager), Me.DefaultTool) Me.ReplaceMouseTool(GetType(GoToolDragging), New DrawingToolMoveEquipment(Me))

yes, but the DefaultTool isn’t a MouseTool, you shouldn’t be calling ReplaceMouseTool with that one.

To summarize Jake’s answer: customize the GoToolDragging.ComputeEffectiveSelection method.

That’s how you can get independent objects to move even though they are not selected. They aren’t selected through this method either.

ok i am lost a bit i got the two tools at this stage

Me.DefaultTool = New DesSoft.DGM.GView.DGMFocussingTool(Me) Me.ReplaceMouseTool(GetType(GoToolManager), Me.DefaultTool)
to do zooming the mouse wheel and
Me.ReplaceMouseTool(GetType(GoToolDragging), New DrawingToolMoveEquipment(
GoToolDragging to drag a few objects around. how do i switch between them?

Read through the “GoToolManager and Standard GoView Tools” section of the User Guide, it describes the basics of how tools work. Basically, the mouse tools get invoked when their “CanStart” returns true.

Thanks Jake i tend to forget about the user manual but i am going backwards and i cant seem to see why!!!

this is my start up code:
Public Sub New() Me.NewLinkClass = GetType(GoDGMLink) 'MouseWheel Zooming
Me.ReplaceMouseTool(GetType(GoToolManager), New DesSoft.DGM.GView.DGMFocussingTool(Me))
Me.ReplaceMouseTool(GetType(GoToolDragging), New DGM.DrawingTools.DrawingToolMoveEquipment(Me, oData)) Me.DefaultTool = New DesSoft.DGM.GView.DGMFocussingTool(Me)
if i comment out the Me.DefaultTool line the mouse zooming (i used the example you publised in the forum for mouse zooming as the defaulttool) stop to work? what other way can i use to do the mouse wheel zooming?
I also cant get the GoToolDragging to work or fire the ComputeEffectiveSelection event?
what am i missing?