Selecting a point from a link

When we select a link, the points that represent the link are shown in a tiny green squares. Is it possible to make theses squares bigger ?
which methods in JGoLink returns theses squares?
By the way where is the complete reference site ? The site I had is forbbiden now.

Thank you for your valuable help,

Those resize handles are implemented by JGoHandle.
You can call JGoHandle.setDefaultHandleWidth and setDefaultHandleHeight to change the default handle size.
By the way, you can control the colors by setting JGoView.setPrimarySelectionColor and setSecondarySelectionColor.
What site are you unable to access? All of the documentation should be installed on your machine, so you should not require any internet access.

Thank you Walter for your quick reply.
The forbidden site I used to have access was (I got with google) s/jgo

I guess that was someone who had copied our documentation into their own directory that happened to be publically accessible. That account no longer seems to exist, and certainly wasn’t our doing or our responsibility.
Anyway, I assume you can read our installed documentation. And I assume you can create resize handles the way you want, too.

Hi Walter,
Thank you for your nice clue that works perfectly.
I don’t know how to download the documentation (The former developper left). In the site, it says to choose a product that we already have. Please, may I have directives to download only the documentation?

The documentation is also in the evaluation kit:

Thousand thanks to Walter’s efficiency!