Selection Adornment Template avoids Text editing

I have a node template with go.TextBlock with editable=true.
If i use selection Adornment of RoundedRectnagle in the node template, which is set behind the TextBlock (Spot Panel).
I cannot select the textblock and edit its value.
Please Advise…

Could you show a small screenshot please?

Could you change the selection Adornment so it does not overlap with the TextBlock? Does the problem go away if the “RoundedRectangle” figure had smaller corners, by setting Shape.parameter1 to a smaller number?

The selectionAdornment is the first Graphobject in an “Auto” Panel.
I did try the Shape.parameter1. No success.

I really don’t have enough information to be able to help you. The node template, the selection adornment template, and a small screenshot showing the problem would all help.