SelectionDeleting vs. LinkRelinked

I have two objects, lets call them object A and Object B. Each one of these objects have node from 1 - 5.
Initially the user creats a link between object A node 1 to object B node 3.
On object B the user can move the link up or down from 1 to 5.
Well, the problem I am getting is that GO is randomly raising the
SelectionDeleting event.
While I have some code in place for LinkRelinked event, can you think of any reason why SelectionDeleting event be firing.
Any help would be appreciated.


A relinking operation will raise the GoView.SelectionDeleting and SelectionDeleted events if the user does not actually link to a valid port, because that would actually be deleting the link.
However, a successful relinking to a valid port, or a cancellation of the operation, should not cause a deletion or the related deletion events.
If you look at the stack from a breakpoint in the SelectionDeleting event handler, can you figure out what is causing it?

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