self loop

What i want is to have a loop my the node i am back to the node i am, and I want the node loop to be big and not the smallest thing ive ever seen and I thought i had the right options, as its not working it must mean i am missing one
I have a class inheriting with GoNode and set up the following options
port.Style = GoPortStyle.Object;
port.Size = displayObject.Size;
port.PortObject = displayObject;
port.EndSegmentLength = 0.0f;
port.FromSpot = Northwoods.Go.GoObject.NoSpot;
port.ToSpot = Northwoods.Go.GoObject.NoSpot;
port.IsValidSelfNode = true;
port.IsValidDuplicateLinks = true;
Selectable = true;
Resizable = displayObject.Resizable;
Reshapable = displayObject.Reshapable;
ResizesRealtime = Resizable;
I then have a class inheriting from GoView and override create link…

public override IGoLink CreateLink(IGoPort fromPort, IGoPort toPort)<BR>    {<BR>      GoObject link = <strong>getting current object here </strong>
  if (link != null)<BR>      {<BR>        link.FromPort = fromPort;<BR>        link.ToPort = toPort;<BR>        link.Curviness = -50;<BR>        link.AvoidsNodes = true;<BR>        link.Orthogonal = true;<BR>        link.CalculateStroke();<BR>      }
  Document.Add(obj);<BR>      return link;<BR>    }

I thought this where I do link.CalculateStroke(); yet that doesn’t seem to do anything
Here is the last snippet for you…
class Link: GoLabeledLink
public Link()
this.AvoidsNodes = true;
this.Curviness = -50;
this.RealLink.Curviness = -50;
this.RealLink.AvoidsNodes = true;
lineStyle = MapLineStyle.Bezier;
hope this is enough information to solve this problem
Thanks in advance

It appears you have tried a lot of properties, but I’m not sure you need that many. However, I am unclear how large you want the loops of your links to be.
So I used the unmodified Demo1 sample application to create a GoBasicNode, set its LabelSpot to GoObject.Middle, and set its Port.IsValidSelfNode to true. Then I drew a link from itself to itself, and set the link’s ToArrow property to true.
After copying this node/link pair twice, I had three copies. I left the original ones on the left as #1. I modified the link for #2 to be Orthogonal. I modified the link for #3 to be both Orthogonal and AvoidsNodes. For both links for #2 and #3 I also set the Style to be GoStrokeStyle.RoundedLink.
I didn’t set any other properties and I didn’t override any methods. Here’s what I got:

Did you want these loops to be larger?
Note that if you set both Orthogonal and AvoidsNodes to true, you can’t really control the routing that it does.
If you want an Orthgonal link (and not AvoidsNodes), you may be able to control the results by overriding CalculateStroke to call the base method first, and then modify the points afterward if IsSelfLoop is true.

thanks it came down to Orthgonal being on… all good now…