serialVersionUID and future versions of JGo


I have a general question on how to potentially future proof an application from later versions of JGo.

I have some JGO diagrams that were serialized with a previous version of JGo. So when you try and open them you get the InvalidClassException since the serialVersionUID is incompatible between what was previously serialized and the current value.

While I have already handled that within my classes by defining serialVersionUID so forcing the same serialVersionUID, I was wondering if there any plans to do the same within the likes of JGoDocument etc ? It seems on the surface an easy fix to help future proof diagrams created with the serialization built into JGo, but I’m not sure if there are other reasons at foot why such a mechanism has not been used.

Or is it that the only way to future proof ourselves is to use a different serialization format for our diagrams ?



The wisest strategy is to own your own application-specific persistence format. That way there can’t be any dependence on our internal implementation, nor on irrelevant information.