Sessiontimeout: How to stop GoView?

In my app session timeout is set to 10 minutes.
Now I want GoView to recognize the timeout, stop ajax postbacks and do a full postback, so that the app can react and do something like login dialog.
Any ideas?

Looks in the GoWeb Intro document for SessionStarted.

Yes jake, that’s right, but Goview sends an image with error message:

loading image... check Web.Config <add verb .....
I want goView to suppress this message. Any error event, that's be called where I can do a redirect?

that shouldn’t be what happens on a session timeout.

see this entry.


but this happens. I think it's a result of our authorization. If session times out, GoView cannot load changed image on on any click or mouse move.
I do in GoWeb.js:
function goLoadError(id) {
location.href = location.href;
This results in a "Get" action on the page and causes our Authorization to prompt the user to login

Are you using ASP.NET Authorization? That typically takes you to another view within the page when the timeout happens (at least when using LoginView).

So, my guess is that the LoginView is stealing the Session Timeout event from GoView. You’ll have to do some reading on MSDN about how to know a new session has started in that environment.

Note, I said “guess” above.

All this happens on the server side, it’s not clear to me me anything you do in javascript is going to help.