Set GoIconicNode Image with file name

Is it possible to set a GoIconicNode image using a physical file as opposed to using a resource manager embedded file?
According to the following description of the Initilize function of the GoIconicNode it is possible if both resource managers are specified as null but I have not been able to get it to display the images. What type of path to the file would it be looking for? Would it work using the web version of this control?
I’m working in ASP 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005.
Here is the function description from the object browser:
Public Overridable Sub Initialize(ByVal res As System.Resources.ResourceManager, ByVal iconname As String, ByVal name As String)
Member of: Northwoods.GoWeb.GoIconicNode

Initialize an empty GoIconicNode to have an icon, a label, and one port.

: Provides the ResourceManager holding an Image resource named by iconname. If this parameter is null, Northwoods.GoWeb.GoImage.DefaultResourceManager is used instead.
: The name of the Image resource in the ResourceManager given by res, or else a file name if no resource manager can be used (i.e., when both res is null and Northwoods.GoWeb.GoImage.DefaultResourceManager is null).
: The initial string value for the Northwoods.GoWeb.GoIconicNode.Label. If this value is null, no label is created for this node.

Yes, pass Nothing/null as the ResourceManager, and the file pathname as the iconname argument.
Caution: that will cause the process to open the file and leave it open until the GoImage is garbage collected or the process is recycled, since System.Drawing.Image will keep the file stream open for reading.

Thanks for your input Walter, that did the trick.