Set Links color Programatically


One of my requirement I need to set link(Connector) color based on the label color.

How can I set normal link color and selected link color programmatically.

we tried like this

Now I want to apply the false color From Anyone label from My page.

So I Appiled

<go:BooleanBrushConverter x:Key=“theSelectedBrushConverter”
TrueColor=“Blue” FalseColor="{Binding ElementName=label1, Path=Foreground }" >

But I got the Error.How Can I Solve this?

<p =“Msonormal”>

Thanks in Advance

Binding converters don’t have any context by which to find any named elements.

You can make the colors of both the link Path and the label color (is the label a TextBlock?) the same by data-binding them both to the same data property.

It’s easiest to use go:Part.SelectionAdorned=“True”, so that the selection adornment is a separate object, a selection handle, with its own color.