Set Node Location by Binding one Node.Location


Now, there are two nodes:
A Unbound Node named unNode..
A Bound Node named bNode..
I want to set the unNode.Location ,when the bNode.Location Changed.
It's the code:
Binding bd = new Binding("Location");
bd.Source = bNode;
bd.Converter=new DiffLocCon();
bd.ConverterParameter = unNode;
// simple converter
public class DiffLocCon
Point pnt = bNode.Location;
Point pntNew = unNode.Location;
Point diff = new Point( pntNew.X-pnt.X,pntNew.Y-pnt.Y);
return new Point(pnt.X+diff.X,pnt.Y+diff.Y);
But ,It isn't run fine...
How can i implement that??????

Your converter code doesn’t seem to use “bNode.Location”. Was that your intention?

Have you tried stepping through that code to see what values it gets and returns?