setDataProperty link reshaping bug

Link reshapes after using set Data Property

I am shaping the link but it is reshaped after using set data property.
How can I prevent this situation

routing: go.Link.AvoidsNodes


Could you please explain?

When gojs is initializing I am updating node data with setDataProperty.

I had shaped my links before, but after using setDataProperty the links are reshaping

I want to prevent this situation

see, I put the images while uploading and after uploading in the image

I am guessing that your transaction is modifying the size of the node, causing connected links to have their routes be invalidated and thus recomputed.

Maybe you need to have your node template specify a fixed size.

When I am not using setDataProperty

When i use setDataProperty

link points are losing

yes, but then your node’s appearance won’t be updated, will it?

Whenever you want to modify model state, you have to call a model method.

how can i do it so can you help?

Have you tried what I suggested? = ownerData.Id; = text;
diagram.model.startTransaction(“Refresh Owner Data”);
diagram.model.setDataProperty(, “externalData”,;
diagram.model.setDataProperty(, “_ownerText”, text);
diagram.model.commitTransaction(“Refresh Owner Data”);

this code fix my problem