setDragsRealtime problem


When I use setDragsRealtime(false), I drag & drop an object in the same view and during the drag & drop, I press the control key to copy the object. At the end , I have the source object at its source location and the copied object where I dropped it. This is the behaviour I want.
If I use setDragsRealTime(true) and I do exactly the same thing. At the end the source object is at the location where I press the Control Key.
Is it a normal behaviour?
The problem is when a user will want copy an object or several object with the control key, it happens he clicks before he presses the control key. So it gives a really strange behaviour and looks like a bug for the user.
Do you have any suggestion to correct it?
Thanks in advance
Alexandre Pique


I think the behavior you want is in fact what we implemented. I can’t reproduce the problem with Demo1, for example.
In Demo1 you can modify the value of JGoView’s DragsRealtime property in the dialog that you get by right-clicking in the background.

I found an answer to my problem. But it's strange, I didn't do anything on dc ... public boolean doMouseDown(int modifiers, Point dc, Point vc) { ... return super.doMouseDown(modifiers, new Point(dc), vc); }


That is indeed a strange explanation. Are you saying that by changing the call to the super method, not to allocate a new Point, everything works normally again?