Setting width of subgraph


I am adding subgraph objects to GoListGroup with
Orientation set to Orientation.Horizontal. The subgraph might be in different sizes depending on their child items. We have a requirement that all the child items should be of same width, So trying to set the width of subgraph to the size of child subgraph with maximum width. This is not working. I am thinking of achieving this by increasing the TopLeftMargin and BottomRight margins of subgraphs with smaller width to see that all the subgraphs have same width. Is this the right way to do this or Can you suggest if there is any better way. Also the width of the subgraph can change as user can drag and drop child objects, so we have to keep updating the width of all subgraphs dynamically so that they are updated to width of subgraph with highest width.
Thanks and Best Regards,

Well, the most logical place for this would be in the LayoutChildren of the GoListGroup. But it’s not a simple method to override. So… forcing the widths of the subgraphs may be the best choice. You may want to do that just before the GoListGroup’s LayoutChildren is done… so override GoListGroup LayoutChildren, and have it set the widths, then call the base layout. Setting the margins sounds like a reasonable way to force the width.

note: set Initializing to true when you start messing with the widths of the subgraphs to avoid the layout for the GoListGroup parent doing layout after each one changes width. then set Initializing to false before calling the base LayoutChildren.
(Not sure why you have a fixed-width requirement, but it seems like it is going to look odd if you have a single really wide subgraph and a bunch that aren't.)