I wanna use the sheet like in planogrammer but I wanna view the diferent pages like in microsoft word and not like in visio. Can I do that?
Thanks in advance.

One answer is that since GoSheet is just a GoObject class, you can do whatever you want with them.
But I think you might run quickly into a problem: Word has a one-dimensional view of its data, whereas GoDiagram (and Visio) has a two-dimensional view of its data.
In Word the notion of where to position the elements of the document is defined so that they naturally fall into printed pages. (Of course there are still problems, such as dealing with clipping and widows/orphans.)
For diagramming/drawing tools, there’s a natural way to print large documents that don’t fit onto a single printed page. But you can’t represent that naturally onto the screen along with the “sheets of paper”. Say you have two graphical objects, G and H, where H is supposed to be just to the right of G (i.e. larger X coordinate).
That’s fine when you don’t draw those sheets of paper. But if you do, then suddenly H might not be just to the right of G, because the page margins separate them. Or worse if you have a PrintPreview like window, and the next page has wrapped around a bit farther down and way to the left. That’s why GoDiagram (and Visio) don’t have that kind of view.
Nevertheless you can still implement something like this if you want. Maybe printing doesn’t matter to your application, and you can define a sensible policy for what happens when the user drags or resizes an object beyond the margins of a sheet.
You can easily create as many GoSheets as you want, and put them into the GoView’s BackgroundLayer at the positions you want. Perhaps you’ll need to modify the GoToolDragging and GoToolResizing tools (if not more?) to avoid dragging or resizing objects to certain locations. Or maybe you don’t even need to do that if your application doesn’t allow dragging or resizing?

Thank you very much!