Should next GoDiagram require .NET 1.1?


I’m wondering if most people have upgraded to .NET Framework version 1.1 and Visual Studio .NET 2003, and thus we should update our assemblies to depend on .NET 1.1 and update the sample projects to assume VS.NET 2003.
I suppose we might continue to supply 1.0-dependent versions of our GoDiagram assemblies, with the same name but just stored in a different directory.
Any comments?


For our own application development we have taken the decision to only support it running under the 1.1 framework. However, we don’t typically have our customers writing their own code against our assemblies. The main reason was the bug fixes in 1.1 that haven’t (or perhaps won’t) make it into 1.0.

We have already moved all of our development to 1.1 and VS.Net 2003. We’d be happy for you to specifically target 1.1. We wouldn’t have a problem if you also support 1.0, as it doesn’t cause us a problem either way.



Most people will try to get your Go-derived application

to work on older and thus slower machines.

I guess .net framework 1.1 will even meet higher system-configuration

i.e. especially more ram, more processor speed, or higher

hd capacity.


The current thinking on this is that we’ll continue to target everything to .NET 1.0 and VS.NET 2002, because those will also work with .NET 1.1 and VS.NET 2003, but we’ll include GoWin assemblies compiled for .NET 1.1 for those people who really want them. The only feature difference will be the addition of the AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers assembly attribute.