Show tooltip on "mouseDragEnter"

Is it possible to show tooltips on “mouseDragEnter”?

Try these overrides of DraggingTool methods:

      var mgr = myDiagram.toolManager;

      mgr.draggingTool.doDragOver = function(pt, obj) {
        // maybe wait for a hold event
        if (mgr.currentToolTip === null) {
          this.standardWaitAfter(300, this.diagram.lastInput);
        } else {

      // called by standardWaitAfter after mouse is motionless for N milliseconds
      mgr.draggingTool.doWaitAfter = function(event) {
        mgr.doToolTip();  // just show a tooltip, if applicable

Of course if you already have a subclass of DraggingTool, it would be cleaner to put the overrides in that class, rather than just modifying the methods of the diagram’s standard DraggingTool.

works perfectly. Thank you!