Single Page Print


I am trying to print a JGoView from an applet to a single page. I override the getPrintScale method which seems to make the printed image the right size to fit on one page but the problem is that the image sort of starts in the middle of the printed page and then gets cut off on the right side. Is there any way to shift over where the printing starts?



I don’t know if there’s any control over that. You can try overriding JGoView.getPrintPageRect.
Or you might need to change your scaling calculation to take the additional margin into account.


I have already overridden getPrintPageRect and that doesn’t seem to make any difference. I have also tried making the scale even smaller and it works to fit the whole image on one page but it is much smaller than it needs to be because the graph doens’t start until the middle of the page. I’m not really sure I can make it work. I think I killed 10 trees testing the printing. Thanks again.