Slider (TrackBar control) in Gonode

I am trying to put a slider control in a GoNode, similar to what is described in the code from:
I have created a ‘ctrlExtSlider’ just like the ‘TreeViewControl’ is created and later on a ‘ctrlGoSlider’ which inherits from the GoControl class.
I have added the extGoSlider to a GoNode object, it is displayed in the view, however when I try to move the node in the view, I get:
–A first chance exception of type ‘System.ObjectDisposedException’ occurred in
Additional information: Cannot access a disposed object named “ctrlExtSlider”.--
The call stack looks like:!System.Windows.Forms.Co ntrol.CreateHandle() + 0x6c bytes!System.Windows.Forms.Tr ackBar.CreateHandle() + 0x46 bytes!System.Windows.Forms.Co ntrol.get_Handle() + 0x34 bytes!System.Windows.Forms.Tr ackBar.OnBackColorChanged(System.EventArgs e = {System.EventArgs}) + 0x29 bytes!System.Windows.Forms.Co ntrol.AssignParent(System.Windows.Forms.Control value = {iba.ibaLogic.Diagram.ibaProgView}) + 0x272 bytes!System.Windows.Forms.Co ntrol.ControlCollection.Add(System.Windows.Forms.Control value = {iba.ibaLogic.Diagram.Controls.ctrlExtSlider}) + 0x28e bytes
northwoods.go.dll!Northwoods.Go.GoView.AddGoCont rol(Northwoods.Go.GoControl g = {iba.ibaLogic.Diagram.Controls.ctrlGoSlider}, System.Windows.Forms.Control c = {iba.ibaLogic.Diagram.Controls.ctrlExtSlider}) + 0x58 bytes
northwoods.go.dll!Northwoods.Go.GoControl.GetCon trol(Northwoods.Go.GoView view = {iba.ibaLogic.Diagram.ibaProgView}) + 0x5e bytes
northwoods.go.dll!Northwoods.Go.GoControl.Paint( System.Drawing.Graphics g = {System.Drawing.Graphics}, Northwoods.Go.GoView view = {iba.ibaLogic.Diagram.ibaProgView}) + 0xc9 bytes
northwoods.go.dll!Northwoods.Go.GoGroup.Paint(Sy stem.Drawing.Graphics g = {System.Drawing.Graphics}, Northwoods.Go.GoView view = {iba.ibaLogic.Diagram.ibaProgView}) + 0x1b7 bytes
northwoods.go.dll!Northwoods.Go.GoLayer.Paint(Sy stem.Drawing.Graphics g = {System.Drawing.Graphics}, Northwoods.Go.GoView view = {iba.ibaLogic.Diagram.ibaProgView}, System.Drawing.RectangleF clipRect = {X=373.0 Y=307.0 Width=193.0 Height=112.0}) + 0x3d2 bytes
northwoods.go.dll!Northwoods.Go.GoView.PaintObje cts(bool doc = true, bool view = true, System.Drawing.Graphics g = {System.Drawing.Graphics}, System.Drawing.RectangleF clipRect = {X=373.0 Y=307.0 Width=193.0 Height=112.0}) + 0x9e bytes
northwoods.go.dll!Northwoods.Go.GoView.PaintView (System.Drawing.Graphics g = {System.Drawing.Graphics}, System.Drawing.RectangleF clipRect = {X=373.0 Y=307.0 Width=193.0 Height=112.0}) + 0xaf bytes
northwoods.go.dll!Northwoods.Go.GoView.onPaintCa nvas(System.Windows.Forms.PaintEventArgs evt = {ClipRectangle={X=375 Y=309 Width=193 Height=112}}) + 0x36e bytes
northwoods.go.dll!Northwoods.Go.GoView.OnPaint(S ystem.Windows.Forms.PaintEventArgs evt = {ClipRectangle={X=375 Y=309 Width=193 Height=112}}) + 0x58 bytes!System.Windows.Forms.Co ntrol.PaintWithErrorHandling(System.Windows.Forms.PaintEvent Args e = {ClipRectangle={X=375 Y=309 Width=193 Height=112}}, short layer = 2, bool disposeEventArgs = false) + 0x85 bytes!System.Windows.Forms.Co ntrol.WmPaint(System.Windows.Forms.Message m = {System.Windows.Forms.Message}) + 0x570 bytes!System.Windows.Forms.Co ntrol.WndProc(System.Windows.Forms.Message m = {System.Windows.Forms.Message}) + 0x2d6 bytes!ControlNativeWindow.OnM essage(System.Windows.Forms.Message m = {System.Windows.Forms.Message}) + 0x13 bytes!ControlNativeWindow.Wnd Proc(System.Windows.Forms.Message m = {System.Windows.Forms.Message}) + 0xda bytes!System.Windows.Forms.Na tiveWindow.DebuggableCallback(int hWnd = 1837854, int msg = 15, int wparam = 0, int lparam = 0) + 0x3d bytes!System.Windows.Forms.Co ntrol.DoDragDrop(System.Object data = {Northwoods.Go.GoSelection}, System.Windows.Forms.DragDropEffects allowedEffects = All) + 0x11a bytes
northwoods.go.dll!Northwoods.Go.GoToolDragging.D oDragDrop(Northwoods.Go.IGoCollection coll = {Northwoods.Go.GoSelection}, System.Windows.Forms.DragDropEffects allow = All) + 0x25 bytes
> ibalogicdiagram.dll!iba.ibaLogic.Diagram.ibaDraggi ngTool.DoDragDrop(Northwoods.Go.IGoCollection coll = {Northwoods.Go.GoSelection}, System.Windows.Forms.DragDropEffects allow = All) Line 1064 C#

Any sugestions to this?
All the best

I just tried this:
GoControl co = new GoControl();
co.Bounds = new RectangleF(300, 1150, 200, 46);
co.ControlType = typeof(TrackBar);
TrackBar tb = co.GetControl(goView1) as TrackBar;
if (tb != null) {
tb.BackColor = Color.ForestGreen;
tb.Minimum = 0;
tb.Maximum = 100;
tb.SmallChange = 5;
tb.TickFrequency = 5;
tb.TickStyle = TickStyle.Both;
And everything works as one would expect.
Except that I do notice that trying to resize the GoControl, which would naturally resize the Control (i.e. TrackBar), doesn’t change the Height of the TrackBar, just the Width. Perhaps that is part of the TrackBar behavior (yes, AutoSize is true).

Thank you very much for your help.
Trully apreciated.