Slow when moving around lots of items

I just recently noticed this issue when moving to JRE 1.6 U13 from 1.6 U6. When dragging around alot of nodes, the display of the node locations doesn’t keep up with the mouse. This was never a problem before. Actually it is noticeable with smaller amounts of nodes, but gets very obvious when dragging around large quantities of nodes/connectors. Moving document items seems slower in general.

I can make this problem better by going back to 1.6 u6, but that is not really an option (or not a call that I can make anyway).
I noticed one other thing. The fix that Walter posted in
seems to fix this issue for some reason. Using that version of JGo.jar, I don't have the speed issues dragging around or moving very large quantities of nodes, regardless of using 1.6 U6 or 1.6 U13.
Is this fix available in a non-eval version?
Oh yeah, one more thing. I am using the release version of 5.32.

I’ve sent a pointer to the ZIP file via e-mail.

For anyone else reading this thread…

This issue appears to be related to a change introduced in JRE 1.6 U10. See
for more info.
The above Sun bug lists multiple workarounds. The workaround that worked for me was setting the Java property sun.java2d.d3d to false when launching our app, although I'm still not completely sure what the other ramifications of this change are.
Your mileage may vary on workarounds, so I highly suggest contacting GoDiagrams support if you think you are experiencing this.