[SOLVED] Set border style to editable textblock and auto-height


Is it possible set styles for the editable textblock ? Or even better, set the browser default styles for the textarea when I click on it to edit it?

Currently, when I click on it I get a flat textarea (without padding, borders and no highlighting focus) :confused:

How Can I set the auto-height property for the textblock while I write down inside of it?


Sorta, though it might be a bit kludgey.

First, see this sample, which showcases some custom text editing boxes: http://gojs.net/latest/samples/customTextEditingTool.html

The default HTML TextArea has the CSS class โ€œstartโ€ and you could attempt to style it with rules, though doing so maybe interrupt some of GoJSโ€™ positioning of the area.

Thank you.

With this method, I fixed the borders of textarea and set auto-height with jquery.autosize.js plugin


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