Some node should always be displayed on the diagram


I have very large diargam and would like to show some nodes always when user’s scrolling through whole diagram. It should be like left nodes are visible when user moves ro right.
Is there way to implement this ?


Read the last section of:

Great! Thanks!
I have implemented it as static parts, but faced with issue that when user’s scrolling - nodes obscure my static parts. How to prevent this ? I would like that added static parts will not be obscurered by others elements and will not obscure others elements, just always fill needed place.
Is it possible ?

It sounds like you really want to use two Diagrams. Maybe you even want both to be viewing the same Model, although I can’t tell from what you’ve said so far.

I just want to prevent situation like on the attached image where “A title” is static part and obscure by other node. Is is possible to do this ?

Two Diagrams that don’t overlap will certainly satisfy that requirement.


Thanks for the response. It’s OK, while there is no scroll.
What to do when diagram has vertical scroll ? How to scroll both parts simultaneously ?
Thanks in advance.

Implement a “ViewportBoundsChanged” DiagramEvent listener in each Diagram to change the Diagram.position in the other Diagram to have the desired value.