Strange Shadow Issue

Hi, Gojs Team! I’ve found this strange issue.

When I click on the link to add a curve point and leave mouse, then strange shadow appears around shapes and links.
How to fix this ASAP? Is this bug of Go.JS?

Which version are you using?

I’m using this.

Could you share the code for this so we can investigate? You can send us email, gojs at our domain,

Hi, Simon! Which part of code do you need exactly? As our builder code is a bit large, I need to extract the part you need.
Preferably, can we have call with screenshare session please?

Hello? Any reply here?

Sorry about that. I think we’d like to have the implementation of the link and one of the big shapes that shows shadows unexpectedly.

Have you made any changes to the link template and its event handlers from what I gave you:

I’ll send link template and shape card template source code to your email address.

@Walter. I’ve just sent email with source code of link template and shape card to your company email. Can you please check? Thanks.