Strange visual artifacts


From the MANIFEST file in the jar:

Specification-Title: JGo Graphical Object Editor Library
Sealed: true
Specification-Vendor: Northwoods Software Corporation
Implementation-Vendor: Northwoods Software Corporation
Specification-Version: 4.0
Implementation-Version: 4.0
Implementation-Title: com.nwoods.jgo

Let me preface by saying that the issue we’re experiencing seems to be fixed in 5.4, but we’re locked in to delivering this version with a much older version of JGo and I would dearly love to work around the problem described below.

I’m just wondering if anyone can remember seeing anything like this and whether there is a known workaround.

When I double-click on a workflow object, a dialog box pops up. When I close it again and deselect the the workflow object by clicking in the empty background, the model becomes unresponsive. It is necessary to refresh the window by bringing another window up and then back to the diagram. Then, the model responds to mouse input again.

However, while in the unresponsive condition, if I click on a port, little links are created - links attached to an empty spot on the diagram. I have uploaded a screen shot to show what I am talking about: UserUploads/20110527_120920_weird_links.png

I’d appreciate any ideas anyone can give!



I’m not aware of any problems like this, even in older versions. Can you reproduce the problem using one of the sample applications?

If you cannot reproduce the problem with any of the samples, the problem may be in your code. Have your perhaps created a subclass of JGoView and are you overriding any of the methods that deal with the mouse? If so, I would check to verify that these methods are all calling the superclass version of the method.


The problem may be in our code but it’s hard to find. However, when using the trial version of the latest JGo,I am no longer able to reproduce it. It might have something to do with SWT running in conjunction with Swing. We’re using the Swing version of JGo but we also have some SWT components and there are possibly some unforeseen interactions in the event handling. Do any of the samples use both SWT and Swing?


No, I’m sorry, but we don’t have any samples using both SWT and Swing.

It's hard to know what may be causing the problem, but if using the current version of JGo fixes the problem, that sounds like the easiest approach.


i have problem in JGo, how to integrated JGo with Netbean IDE for swing application.
please provide step how to integrate JGo with Netbean IDe 7.0.

thanks in advance


We don’t have specific instructions for each different IDE, but you just need to make sure that the JGo jar files that you are using (JGo.jar, and perhaps JGoSVG.jar, JGoLayout.jar, and JGoInstruments.jar, depending on what features you need) are referenced in the classpath for the IDE. In addition, your IDE may have a visual development environment and you may want to register the JGo bean classes with that IDE. The JGo bean classes are JGoView, JGoPalette, and JGoOverview. All 3 have BeanInfo classes associated with them and are identified in the jar manifest files. Refer to the Netbean documentation for specific information on registering beans with Netbean.