Styling contextmenu in angular

Hi guys,
Can you please explain how can I style a context-menu in angular? (e.g. change background color)
can I give the context-menu a CSS class?

thank you.

How have you implemented the context menu? As a GoJS Adornment or in HTML?

Presumably you already know how to change the styling of some HTML, so the question really is how to change the background of some piece of the context menu.

That leads to the question – which object is it that you want to change? I suspect that changing the background of the “ContextMenu” Adornment will not be visible to users because the whole “ContextMenu” is filled with "ContextMenuButton"s. So maybe you want to change the fill of each “ContextMenuButton”? Or of some of them? And did you want to make the change via a data Binding or programmatically by finding the “ButtonBorder” Shape and setting its Shape.fill property?