Sub-optimal link routing


We have a diagram with a link template setting the routing property as AvoidsNodes and fromSpot/toSpot as AllSides.

We sometimes get seemingly sub-optimal link routing, as can be seen here:

The link from “Current Initiative” to “Submission Acknowledgments” has its source anchor at the top of the node, when we would naturally expect it to be on the right.

Is there something that can be done to prevent this kind of thing or is this an inherent limitation of the routing algorithm?

I can’t see all of the image, so can you put up another screenshot that shows everything relevant to your question?

The general answer is “no”, but I don’t see why you can’t change the fromSpot to be go.Spot.Right.

It seems to be a forum display issue: if you save the image to disk you should be able to see its full width.

As to the reason why we don’t just go with go.Spot.Right: nodes can be moved freely by the user, and we want links to be dynamically routed based on the location of the nodes they connect. go.Spot.AllSides is pretty much the only option that makes sense in that context.

OK, now that I see the whole image, it seems like that link took an optimal route.

If you really want it to come out of the right side, set or bind the Link.fromSpot to go.Spot.Right or go.Spot.RightSide.