Subgraph inner node linking to parent subgraph

I am evaluating the GoXam library for our application built using WPF and C#. For example, we have a subgraph “Manager” with an inner node “team”. There’s a link from team to Manager as such:

The link is created by dragging the mouse. Is there any ways to have the link go outside of the subgraph and not through it? I’ve tried the link’s data templates listed here ( but to no avail. Thanks!

I think the problem is that if you set Route.Routing=“AvoidsNodes”, the link necessarily has to cross over the group, because the link starts inside the group due to the “team” node being inside the group.

The “AvoidsNodes” routing algorithm recognizes that it can’t win, so it gives up and the default orthogonal routing takes place instead.

Could you explain or show how you want the link to be routed?

Usually in this kind of situation the programmer wants the link to stay totally within the group. In particular, they want the link not to go outside the group and then immediately turn around to connect to the group. Instead, the link should connect to the group’s edge from the inside. I can give you that code if you want.

Thanks walter for the reply. We have decided to not allow the user to drag the edge from the inner node to the parent node. Nevertheless, thanks for your explanation.