Support for Themes?

I am using GoXAM in a Silverlight application, in combination with the Telerik Rad Controls suite for Silverlight.

Throughout my app, I am usin the "Expression Dark" theme, so I have the nice, clean "black" look throughout the application. I have styled my go diagram parts of the application (background, nodes etc..) in line with my theme, but the scrollbars of the diagram still maintain their "ugly" silver look, which of course kind of sticks out like a sour thumb in my application. All other controls support theming, so in those controls, I get the nice "thin-black look" scrollbars.
Does GOXam support the different Silverlight Themes, or do I have to style the scrollbars myself to make sure that the look and feel is consistent.
Bennie Haelen (Honeywell ACS)

I’m surprised that the Diagram’s ControlTemplate’s ScrollViewer’s scrollbars didn’t get styled automatically. Are you using Silverlight 4 and implicit styles with a style for scrollbars or for ScrollViewer?

Well, in any case, you can set the Diagram.Template to explicitly style things the way you want. The docs subdirectory of the GoSilverlight installation includes a GenericSilverlight.XAML file that shows you the standard style for Diagram, including the Setter for the ControlTemplate. Look for “DefaultDiagramTemplate”.