SVG image support

Please can you let me know what support, if any, GoDiagram v2.2.2 for .Net provides for SVG images?

The Northwoods.Go*.Svg assemblies (for each platform) produce SVG from a GoView or collection of GoObjects. You can customize the support by defining your own GoSvgGenerators for your own classes.
We don’t know of a good way to display SVG as if it were an Image. We have tried but failed to use SharpVectorGraphics. Using the Adobe or Corel viewers might be possible, but we haven’t tried that.

Thanks Walter,
I guess it will not be possible (anytime soon) to use svg files as images (nodes) in a schematic tool built using GoDiagram . Is this correct?

No, you ought to be able to use those Adobe or Corel viewer controls; we just haven’t tried it.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has tried to use the Corel or Adobe viewer controls to display svg files in GoDiagram as Walter suggests? How was your experience and was it successful?