Swing or SWT?

Does anyone have any experience of SWT vs Swing with the JGo libraries.

I understand that there are some things that are not handled by the SWT library but am not sure what they are.

Alternatively, any experience of using Swing JGo inside Eclipse would be interesting.


There are a number of limitations for what can be drawn, such as gradients. SWT 3.1 added a few features in this regard, but JGo for SWT was originally ported for SWT 2.x, and only recently updated for SWT 3.0. We’ll probably add support for 3.1 features in a future release, but we don’t want to depend on the very latest too soon, since our customers aren’t necessarily upgrading either.
Using Swing components within the Eclipse environment (or RCP) seems to work. However, the mismatches in drawing classes and methods and constants etc can be confusing for the programmer.