Table cell width issue

I am using table-layout for my matrix, in this the outer border width is 1px and the inner cells border is 2px. Is there anything I can do to maintain uniform border?

Does each cell have its own border with strokeWidth==1?

If so you could add a node that spans all of the rows and columns that have cells and is in the “Foreground” Layer. The node would consist of a Shape with a null fill and a strokeWidth of 2. The node would have pickable and selectable set to false.

Yes each cell has a border of width==1. The cells are dynamically generated as per the user input.

Do you have any example code for this?
Is there any simple trick to achieve this?

          row: 2, rowSpan: 999, column: 2, columnSpan: 999,
          stretch: go.GraphObject.Fill,
          selectable: false, pickable: false,
          layerName: "Foreground"
        $(go.Shape, { fill: null, strokeWidth: 1.5, stretch: go.GraphObject.Fill })