Table Layout Column Header and Row header to be fixed

I have a matrix table layout which has around 10 rows and 10columns in it. I want to keep the column header and row header as fixed and need to add scrolling to all other cells in the matrix. Is it doable?

There are no scrollbars in GoJS, but we do have this sample which demonstrates similar behavior of scrolling through panel elements. Is that close to what you would need?

My situation is I have a diagram and the scroll is enabled in whole diagram. And inside the diagram a table layout is there. So now I need to keep the rowheader and column header as fixed for the whole diagram and the diagram’s scroll should only scroll the contents below the scroll.

Basically keeping the header of layout fixed in the diagram and scroll applicable to all the other stuff’s in the diagram.

I see, in that case you may want to read about static parts. You can either use an HTML element over the diagram or a GoJS part with a “ViewportBoundsChanged” listener.