Technical assistance information

Hello,every technical expert.

Now,I would like to ask you some TextEditingTool on the technical issues in Silverlight.I want to dynamically generate a global TextEditingTool on the Diagram. It can achieve the following operating functions.
First,drag it Arbitrarily in the Diagram.
Then,Mouse click to select, double-click can be edited.
And I Could it be related to the design style at the same time.
Of course,all of the above operations will not affect the nodes and links of the Diagram.
I need these answers anxiously.Please come quickly Replies.
Thank you for the first.

If you want your text-editing controls to be scrolled and zoomed along with the diagram, I suggest you use an unbound Node. The GoXamIntro document discusses unbound nodes, which you can define in XAML as child element(s) of the Diagram, and are not data-bound to model data.