Terraced links out of a Node

Hello ,

I need to implement a behaviour where the links that comes out of a single junction to multiple junctions
(openning left to the right). are terraced , and there is a space between them (highest link is the longest,
and the next is shorter by , lets say 8 pixels and so on. (i added a picture for you to see what i mean).

i managed to control this links while responding to a LayoutUpdated Event , as the picture shows.
but , any movement of the feeding single node on the left makes the links lose thier terraced
formation and they become like seen in the next picture , joined all together .

Route.cs is recalculating
the link because it can get shorter or longer while moving its node . but this calculation does not take into consideration
the former length of the line before it breaks , in the midorthoposition or calculate functions.
its like the whole link is building itself from scratch .

how can i ensure , the midorthoposition is maintained through the moving of the left feeding junction?

-hint i can’t use without your help : when moving 1 of the feeded junction on the right , node thaty is out of the left node)
it fixes the link forever , and then a movement of the feeding junction (on keft)
is not affecting the link middle position any more which is the needed behaviour.
i tried simulating a movement for all the junctions that LinksOutOf links feed , but it didnt help .

Thanks , Leo

If you set Route.Adjusting = “End”, does that help?

More generally, you could override Route.AdjustPoints to do whatever you want based on the route’s old sequence of points.

thanks it does help but it also generates a behavior in which the middle point can never change , i need it to change when right nodes move and keep the same when left nodes of a cable moves .
thats ok i wrote something that captures these movements and decides if to keep or free the middle point for movement . tried to post it but got an error from the forum page

OK. Did you override AdjustPoints?

no , i kept a middle point var of my own in Route.cs , which i load in GetMidOrthoPosition method when the left node of the links moves , and use the regular formulla of mid point calculation in this GetMidOrthoPosition method when the right node of a link moves.

it was looking hard to override this method AdjustPoints because it uses a select case and if statements that acivates other methods that thier functionality is unknown , which ment adding more failure points to my go xam infrastructure.