Text and other objects outside a shape


We are evaluating GoJS at the moment, looking at using it to re-implement our desktop software (using GoDiagram) on the web.

I have got the basic diagram up and running and I now want to add some text around the shapes, pretty much like the Shapes example. I want selection to be of the shape and for the size and location stored to be of the shape. I have set the locationObjectName and resizeObjectName properties and it is almost working. The shape resizes but it seems the parent Part is not resizing, so the resized shape is not fully visible. Is there something else I need to do to get it working?

The first rule of forum posting is that after you’ve posted a question, you immediately find the answer to the question. Re-arrangin my object hierarchy meant fromLinkable and toLinkable were set on the wrong object. Moving those fixed the issue

I’m glad we could be of help.