The Genogram and its overflow content

Hi everybody,

as a new GoJS user, I’m really pleased to see the power of this lib. I’m currently trying to implement my personal genogram and trying to get a genealogical tree (huge family, too many names…) and I was thinking, at the beginning, that the Genogram would have react like the Family Tree. I was thinking that the overflow would have been hide at the right and that I would be able to drag it to see the ‘overflow’. Maybe it’s just a CSS thing but I don’t really know which one and I didn’t find anything about this.

What sample are you starting with? Genogram, or family tree?

CSS does not control how the Diagram positions and scales its content, instead several properties control that.

Genogram has:

initialAutoScale: go.Diagram.Uniform,

Set in its diagram constructor, so the Diagram automatically starts zoomed out enough to show everything.

I’m using Genogram. And dude, you’re amazing, that’s exactly what I was searching!

It may be worth reading this intro page for more:

I’ll check that later. Thanks for your help !

Good bye from France !