The page will scroll down automatically if i click diagram region

i open my page in chrome,if i click the diagram region,the page will scroll down .

@walter thanks.

@walter i try the solution,but it can’t work.Do you have better solution.

It’s something that most browsers do when an HTML element gets focus. It’s not behavior implemented by GoJS.

ok.i know.Thank you all the same

For 1.7 and after, try:

myDiagram.doFocus = function() {
  var x = window.scrollX || window.pageXOffset;
  var y = window.scrollY || window.pageYOffset;;
  window.scrollTo(x, y);

This will let it focus, but stop the scrolling. It seems to work on Chrome, Firefox, IE11, and iOS Safari

Thank you very much @simon

In version 1.8 we introduced this property:

Its default value is false.

So you should not be using the above work-around.