The problem of overlapping labels on the side

GoJs version :2.0.8
layout : sankey

The issue is:
When there are multiple links in our two nodes, the spacing problem causes my label to overlap.
I tried routing: go.Link.AvoidsNodes. It does make the labels not overlap, but the connection has crossover problems and there are a lot of computational problems. I don’t think about this.

Is there a better solution for better display?
I drew two sketches, I hope to achieve the following display effects or similar effects.

Thanks, look forward to your reply !

There is no possible general solution to your problem. It is always possible for there to be too many labels in too small an area when the links are too close to each other and the nodes are too close to each other.

In your screenshot, what result would you want if there were several more links between those top two nodes? One solution is to increase the height of those nodes. You have done that in your sketch. And the default behavior is close to what you have sketched when the nodes are taller.