The style of multiple links between two nodes

Hello there.
I have a big problem with multiple links between two nodes.
According to the GoJS API ,I learn that when Link.curve is Link.Bezier, it could be like this:

It’s not bad, but i’m looking for a more comfortable appearance.Just like this:

As you see, these links share one fromSpot and one toSpot, but they don’t overlap with each other in the middle part. What should i do with this?

I think the best solution is to define a Link subclass that overrides the routing behavior.

When I get a chance during work, I can create a sample for you.

Actually, i customized the linkTemplate’s shape pathPattern , and also fromArrow’s geometry and toArrow’s geometry, made it feel like “multiple links”…

It’s fixed for now and enough for the function that i need, but if links’ count between nodes is different, i think i will have to draw link dynamicly …and what the most important is i cannot control one of them separately.

Anyway, thanks for the response ,walter! I will be glad to see your sample later!!

OK, try using the ParallelLink class in this sample: Parallel Route Links

Maybe we’ll make this into an extension someday.

Great! Thanks Walter! I will try this.