The trouble with displaying SVG in IE


I see problem with displaying SVG in IE browser ( IE 11 )

When I select the button “Open SVG” from page makingSVG.html new page is empty


Ah, that’s a bug in our page – we need to create the SVG in the new window’s document, not in the original window.document. The following code, which will be in the next version of that Intro page, works:

var button = document.getElementById('openSVG'); button.addEventListener('click', function() { var newWindow ="","newWindow"); if (!newWindow) return; var newDocument = newWindow.document; var svg = myDiagram.makeSvg({ document: newDocument, // create SVG DOM in new document context scale: 9, maxSize: new go.Size(600, NaN) }); newDocument.body.appendChild(svg); }, false);
Thanks for reporting the bug.